Gas Fires


Gas fires offer a real, live dancing flame without the need to fill the coal bucket or store any logs!  Quick to light and clean to use.  We have various types of gas fires available in a range of styles from traditional to contemporary.  There are high effeciency open fronted and glass fronted models along with more decorative versions.  Whether you are looking for a standard inset type or something a little grander we have plenty to see in our showroom.


Above: The Gazco Logic HE log effect gas fire available in conventional flue or balanced flue versions.  This versatile glass fronted gas fire has a great range of frame and trim options to suit your home, from the stylish Vogue contemporary stove frame pictured, to a more traditional brass trim and fret model.  See this fire on live display in the showroom.


Above: the Kohlangaz Gosford Plus high efficiency inset open fronted coal effect fire offers manual, slide or remote control options and can be supplied with a standard plain trim and fret or as pictured above with the Signature fascia option.  Direct heat output of up to 4.2kW.  Natural gas on all models - LP Gas slide model.

Above: the Crystal Gem Gas Fire is a deep inset fire for use in traditional chimney flues.  This fire comes with a choice of black, brass, chrome or brushed steel trim and co-ordinating fronts.  Options of low level manual, high level slide, touch button side or remote controls are available on this fire.  The Gem also has the option of a reflective chrome interior or a black interior. See this fire on live display in the showroom

Above: from the Crystal Fires range is the Montana glass fronted fire.  There are so many options for this model such as the brass trim and front as pictured to a hole in the wall version which can be seen on display in the showroom.  As a glass fronted model this is a high efficiency gas fire, meaning lots of heat output.  Crystal Fires produce a whole range of gas fires for fireplace or hole in the wall installation, all available from this store.

Above: the Kohlangaz Durlston is a glass fronted balanced flue fire - for homes without a traditional chimney or flue.  Featuring a choice of moulded coal fuel effect or log fuel effect with the full spectrum of Kohlangaz trims and frets plus two all-in-one fascia options.  This fire has an impressive 93.5% efficiency rating with a heat output of 3.9kW (coal effect) or 3.6kW (log effect).  A 2" spacer frame is available where depth is an issue, making the fire equivilent to a slimline but with the full fuel bed depth.

Above: British fire manufacturer Nu-flame produce a full range of inset coal effect gas fires for use in traditional chimney, precast and balanced flue options.  Their Energis range is a selection of high efficiency, standard inset gas fires.  You can choose from open fronted or glass fronted and each model has a full selection of trims and frames.  See the Energis Hotbox, Slimline, Veo and Vitesse models in the showroom.

Above: the Kinder Oasis Plus high efficiency open fronted gas fire with a super 4.25kW heat output.  Lots of trims/fronts to choose from and options of manual, high level slide or remote control.

Above: the Kohlangaz Delamere Plus inset gas fire provides a super 4.2kW direct heat output to the room.  Options of random coal bed or pebble fuel effect and manual or high level slide controls are available along with a selection of frame & frets in brass, black, chrome or satin silver plus a range of all in one fascias.  There is also a 2" spacer frame available, making this fire ideal for fitting into existing chair-brick openings.

Above: from Cast Tec are the Integra high efficiency gas fires, designed purposely for their range of cast inserts.  There are both open fronted and glass fronted versions available and a selection of different styles of insert for a more traditional looking fireplace.  There is even a glass fronted balanced flue model for homes without a traditional chimney or flue.

Above: from the Penman Collection is the stylish arched cast insert and glass fronted high efficiency gas fire.  Inspired by mid Victorian fireplaces, the Stirling HE features a simple arched opening, not detracting from the perfect view of the fire. This insert can be teamed with both traditional and modern fireplace surrounds making it perfect for either traditional or contemporary homes.  But this fire doesn't just look good as it boasts an efficiency rating of up to 74%.

Above: the Nu-flame Synergy is a range of fires designed for use in a chimney breast without the need for a fireplace/hearth, freeing up space in the room.  This glass fronted, high efficiency gas fire range has lots of frame options along with interior choices and log type.  Some models in this range can also be fitted with a TV above when using the heat deflector.  See the Synergy Perspective Echo on display in the showroom.

Above: the Riva2 600 Highline gas fire can be fitted into a chimney breast as pictured or in a fireplace.  There are a selection of frames to choose from when fitting as a hole in the wall model and this fire comes with battery operated remote control as standard.  Suitable for use in a traditional chimney flue.  See this fire on live display in the showroom.

Above: the Nu-flame Icona fire comes in two widths of 600mm and 800mm (pictured above is the 600 model).  This open fronted gas fire doesn't lack in heat output either with a superb 4.0kW rating.  With lots of frame options to choose from in a variety of colourways to create a visual impact in your room.  Log, driftwood, coal or pebble fuel effects are available with choice of interior linings too.  See the larger model of this fire on live display in the showroom.

Above: the Flavel Emberglow is a traditional and classic hearth mounted gas fire featuring coal fuel effect and glass front with side panels to enhance the view of the firebed.  Operated by an easy to use electronic side control system (battery operated) or you can opt for the remote control model (conventional flues only).  Heat output of 4.4kW with an 82% efficiency rating.  There is also a manual control balanced flue model available for homes without a chimney.

Above: traditional gas fires like the Flavel Strata  are available from this showroom.  The Strata gas fire offers a high 5.2kW heat output and comes in a choice of black, brown or cream colour finish.  It can be hearth mounted as pictured or fitted as a wall mounted model.  This fire can be seen in the showroom.

Showroom:  Armstrong Street - West Marsh Industrial Estate - Great Grimsby - N E Lincolnshire - DN31 1XD