Made to Measure & Gas Fire Trays

We can supply a gas tray in a standard 16” or 18” model or alternatively, a made to measure version for an awkward sized fireplace opening where a standard gas fire just will not fit, such as where a fireplace has a low opening, for use in dog basket grates, hob grates, arched cast iron inserts etc.  The gas fire can be supplied with coals, pebbles or logs and with manual or remote control options.  These fires are for decorative purposes and are not designed with heat output in mind.  Depending on the size of the gas fire & a smoke test of the flue, you may need to have an air-brick in the room where the fire is installed.


The Fireboxx Burner

Designed by Nu-Flame for use in traditional class one chimney flues, the Fireboxx is, as its name suggests, a drop in gas fire burner available in 3 sizes & is for decorative purposes.  The idea of the burner is so that you can create your own bespoke hole in the wall gas fireplace, for example, if you wanted to have an opening lined with granite or marble or just a simple plastered opening with a limestone base, there are so many options.  The fire comes with fully sequential hand held remote control as standard with flat rock firebed.  Options of logs, driftwood, pebble and coal fuel effects are also available.

Sizes available: F350 - 350mm wide by 207mm front to back by 147mm drop-in inset depth - F500 - 500mm wide by 207mm front to back by 147mm drop-in inset depth - F720 - 720mm wide by 207mm front to back by 147mm drop-in inset depth

fireboxx image
Fireboxx 3 sizes
Evolution straight

The Standard Sized Evolution Gas Fire Tray

The standard Evolution gas fire is for use in chair-brick fire openings of either 16” or 18” wide.  Choose from bowed front or flat front.

A decorative fret can be added - the trim is not included with this type of fire.

The 16” & 18” NV versions do not necessarily require additional ventilation.  The 18” vented will require an air brick in the room.  Natural & LP Gas versions are available.


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